You swing your legs over the bed, ready to get up in the morning. You tip-toe through your RV, trying not to wake the kids, but find an obstacle course awaiting you. You step over a pile of toys here, a pair of shoes there, and brush past a jacket on a chair. When you finally get to the kitchen to put the coffee on, you realize the coffee jar has shifted again and you have to get a stool out to reach into the back corner of your cupboard.

Does this sound like your life in a motorhome or RV? In such a condensed space, there’s no way you can live comfortably without a good organization system to keep everything in its place. There’s just not enough room for leaving things out, not to mention that you also need everything to be properly secured so it won’t shift and roll around when you’re cruising down the highway.

The good news is, there are solutions. What can you do to keep your RV or motorhome organized? Here are 10 simple ideas:

1. Find A Home

Our first and most important organizing tip is that you find a home for everything in your RV or motorhome. Once everything has a place, it will be much easier to keep things tidy. Get everyone on board in the habit of putting things in their special spot, and you’ll live in a much more organized space. However, we know that finding those homes can be a challenge. In our following tips for organization, you’ll find many creative ideas that will help you create a special home for every item you take on the road with you.

2. Get One, Lose One

One last overall rule and we’ll get to the fun stuff. This may be a challenge for some die-hard collectors, but the truth is, in an RV or motorhome there’s no space for clutter and extra items. If you buy something new, get rid of an older, similar item. For example, if you buy some new shoes, then an older pair should now stay at home or find a spot in storage. By following this rule, you’ll minimize clutter and avoid running out of the space you’ve carefully organized in your RV.

3. Think Vertically

When confined to a small space, you need to take advantage of each and every inch. One great way to do this is to organize vertically. Hang organizers, magazine holders, shoe organizers, and baskets to make use of wall and air space that would otherwise be empty. Don’t forget about the ceiling! With some creativity, you can even attach items such as brooms, umbrellas and other long items using brackets. This also works in the compartments found under the RV.

4. Hooks

Hooks are your friend. Use these in the bathroom for towels, in the kitchen for dishtowels and potholders, just to the side of the door for jackets, bags and keys, or anywhere else you need to hang something. Hang either a rack of hooks or use command hooks.

5. Be Digital

We know, there’s nothing like paging through a good book or magazine, but if you’re on the road for a long time, having items like these around can really clutter up your space. Go digital! Use digital reading devices such as the Kindle or Nook so that you can take all the reading you want with you, without the clutter.

6. Add Shelves and Bins

Especially in the kitchen, extra shelves can be your organizational saving grace. Use easy wire shelves that can fit into any cabinet, giving you another layer of space. Or, use some handy bins to eliminate the problem of shifting items that you can’t find in those dark, back corners. With a bin, you can simply pull it down, get what you need, and slide it back in. Remember, there are also special mats you can place in shelves that eliminate sliding.

7. Velcro, Elastic and Magnets

If you have sliding and shifting issues, use velcro, elastic and magnets to corral things into place. Use velcro to attach remotes to a cabinet or wall. Use a magnet strip for easy knife and scissor storage. Make an elastic storage space for smaller bathroom items by stapling elastic at intervals, and then sliding the items in. Attach it to an organizer or the wall.

8. Doors

Doors can be your secret extra space solution. Whether they are cabinet doors, room doors or the main door, hang an organizer on it, or attach some hooks to it, and you have gained some space. On your bathroom door, hang towels. Use the main door as a shoe organizing space.

9. Nest

In the kitchen, nesting is the way to go. Purchase sets of bowls, strainers and measuring cups that allow the small items to be placed inside the larger ones.

10. Slide Away

Finally, get sliding. Use slideaway storage boxes under the bed or install thin sliding shelves under a table for storing kitchen or office items. Add a slide-out cutting board or table to gain some extra space in the kitchen as well. Then, when not in use, the table or cutting board can be easily slid back into place. Finally, slide storage bins or baskets under benches or tables. These are great for keeping family games, kids toys, sports equipment and other items easily accessible, but out of the way.

As you can see, with a little time, ingenuity and some great organizational supplies, you can get your RV or motorhome organized easily. Once you do, remember to spend a little time each day removing clutter so you can always enjoy your neat, tidy space.
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