6 Ways RVers can Save Fuel on the Road

The RV lifestyle is excellent. With your home on the road, there are no limits on where you can go and stay comfortably. Head out to a remote park or drive across the country as you please. There’s only one downside to that amount of freedom: fuel costs. Days on the road in a large [...]

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How to Live Life on the Road in an RV

Ever since the RV's inception, people have fantasized about the possibility of living on the road full-time. Whether it’s leaving the “rat race,” seeing the world, visiting family and friends, or enjoying retirement, there are countless reasons why one might consider life on the road. The good news is, it's possible! About a million people [...]

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Essential RV Driving Tips for Beginners

The first time you hop into the driver’s seat of an RV, you might feel like you’ve entered the captain's chair a spaceship. At the least, you’ll feel like you’re in a semi. When you compare an RV to an SUV, they seem quite large, and it only gets worse if you compare them to [...]

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Safe and Sanitary RV Waste Tank Maintenance

Cleaning out and performing maintenance on your RV’s waste tank is no one’s favorite chore. However, to keep your RV running smoothly, you have no other choice. It’s easiest if you use preventative maintenance so that you never have a mess that’s bigger than you can handle. So, what’s involved in proper tank maintenance practices? [...]

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A Basic Guide for RV Electrical Troubleshooting

If you love the great American road trip, owning and driving an RV is part of the adventure. Having a home on wheels is convenient and comfortable, and with the proper preventive maintenance, your RV can serve you and your family for years to come. One of the most intricate parts of an RV is [...]

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5 Essential Electrical Test Tools to Keep in Your RV

Unless you are an electrician or an electrical mechanic, you should not attempt to repair the electric system in your RV on your own. Although actual repairs are best left to the professionals, it is okay to monitor the electrical system by completing simple tests that can help you determine if your RV needs to [...]

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10 Apps Every RV Owner Needs on the Road

For those who love to get out on the open road for long journeys, it certainly pays to be prepared. Having the right app on your smartphone can help you avoid getting stuck, save you lots of time and money, and can even save your life. Here are a few of the most common and [...]

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The Importance of RV Propane Tank Safety

Throughout the U.S., most people who own RVs rely on propane for everything from hot water and refrigeration to food preparation and indoor heat. When properly used and maintained, the tanks that store this combustible gas are safe and reliable. However, when misused or poorly maintained, they can introduce a range of avoidable safety hazards. [...]

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