Once you reach a certain age, you realize that expectations rarely match up with reality. In some cases, the difference is massive, while in other cases it’s fairly insignificant, or even pleasantly surprising. During our years in the RV repair business, we have found that many people enter into RV ownership with a lot of expectations in mind, many of them based on myths. To help you enter into life on the open road with an accurate picture in mind, let’s take a look at 5 common myths about RV and motorhome ownership.

#1: Traveling in an RV Always Allows You to Enjoy Nature More

It’s true that you can use RV travel to spend more time outdoors and in natural settings. However, you can do this by driving or flying most anywhere and bringing along a tent. Also, the reality of most RV sites is that they are not out in nature, nestled amongst the trees or at mountain bases. Instead, they tend to be in suburbs with concrete slabs to park on, most of them pretty close to one another. If your goal is to enjoy nature, plan your stays well and in advance to be certain you find those idyllic spots.

#2: Only Older People Use RVs

It’s true that many people do not purchase RVs until they are retired. However, you do not need to be retired or collecting social security to enjoy the RV lifestyle. In fact, the RV crowd is getting younger every year. With virtual schooling options and many industries gravitating to work-from-home options, you can be in the workforce and raising a family while living life on the road.

#3: Bigger RVs Are Better

Because they offer more storage and amenities, many people think that the bigger the RV is, the better it is for them. However, bigger RVs have their downsides. To start with, they cost more to purchase, making the dream of owning an RV harder to attain. Then the weight means they use more fuel and are harder to steer. Plus, if you have the storage, you will be tempted to use it, and then all the stress that brings will just follow you on the road. Could a larger RV be right for you? Of course, but don’t go into the purchase believing it’s the only option.

#4: RVing Lets You See the Country on a Budget

If you are great at budget travel through more traditional methods, you will likely be able to see everything you want to see without breaking the bank. But if you find that you go over budget when traveling by plane or car, you will likely find the same problem when traveling via RV—only it can be amplified by the initial cost of the RV. Expenses to consider are the campground fees, repair and maintenance on the RV, and even things you don’t worry about at hotels, like cleaning products. If you’re working on the road, you’ll need a Wi-Fi hotspot and you need to figure out how to cover three meals a day even if you aren’t familiar with the most frugal places to shop or dine. Basically, the expenses can add up. If traveling for less is your goal, look into courses on money management before you invest in an RV.

#5: Owning an RV Means Always Being on the Road

The beauty of owning an RV is that you can go anywhere, but you can also stay anywhere. Rather than always driving from place to place, you can spend as much or as little time as you would like at any one location. Your journey across the country can take a month, a year, or five years—whatever works for you. If you want to spend less time behind the wheel, just book your stays at RV parks for longer, and take your time.

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