A road trip just isn’t a road trip if you are going it solo, which is why many choose to bring along a furry friend. But even if you do have other companions, chances are you will want to bring your dog along. After all, pets are family, and with an RV, there is no reason to leave family behind.

Of course, having a dog with you on the road is a little more complicated than having one with you at home. To help you manage your time on the road with man’s best friend, check out our 5 helpful tips for RVing with your dog below.

1. Observe Your Dog

One of the biggest questions people have is will their dog be comfortable with free run of the RV while it is in motion. Many dogs love a moving vehicle, no matter what type, but others feel unsure of themselves. If your dog seems nervous about being in a moving RV, try using a pet crate when the vehicle is in motion. Over time, you can acclimate your dog to the experience and eliminate the use of the crate.

2. Come Up with an Outdoor Containment System

Dogs need exercise, which means walking them at least twice a day. But something else to consider is making the outdoors safe for them when you set up camp somewhere. You can do this in a variety of ways, but perhaps the most travel-friendly option is a leash run. This can be set up in seconds and gives you dog the ability to run a little without being able to run off.

3. Microchip Your Pooch

This is something that everyone should do, traveling or not. However, since the idea behind having an RV is to not stay in one place for too long, it is of even greater importance for you. Make certain that your dog is microchipped with up-to-date contact information and be sure to update it any time your information changes. Also, don’t ship the old-fashioned method of a tag on your dog’s collar.

4. Research Availability of Your Dog’s Food

Not all dog foods are available in every area of the country, and switching your dog’s food can cause discomfort to him/her, as well as other symptoms that you won’t find so pleasant yourself when confined inside the RV. Before you go, research the availability of the food your dog eats, and if it isn’t available, stock up ahead of time or gently make the switch now.

5. Set a Feeding and Bathroom Schedule

You don’t want to be rushing off the road at a moment’s notice, and the best way to avoid this with your pet is to start a feeding and eating schedule. Always feed your dog at the same times each day, which will then result in needing the bathroom at the same times each day. This should quickly become so predictable that save for an illness in your dog, you will be able to set your watch by it.

Looking for Other Solutions for Traveling with Your Pet?

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