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The Importance of RV Propane Tank Safety

Throughout the U.S., most people who own RVs rely on propane for everything from hot water and refrigeration to food preparation and indoor heat. When properly used and maintained, the tanks that store this combustible gas are safe and reliable. However, when misused or poorly maintained, they can introduce a range of avoidable safety hazards. [...]

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5 Common Myths about RV and Motorhome Ownership

Once you reach a certain age, you realize that expectations rarely match up with reality. In some cases, the difference is massive, while in other cases it’s fairly insignificant, or even pleasantly surprising. During our years in the RV repair business, we have found that many people enter into RV ownership with a lot of [...]

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Winter Driving Tips for RV Owners in California

At lower elevations, southern and central California don’t usually get much snow. If winter driving is not appealing to you, consider these options. Northern California can have much harsher winters, but we know better than rain on your parade. After all, campgrounds are typically less populated during these times -- the crisp, cool air, and [...]

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Money-Saving Tips for Your Next RV or Motorhome Trip

One of the primary motivations for purchasing an RV or motorhome is the ability to take long, leisurely trips in our vast and scenic country. However, for a number of reasons, traveling by RV/motorhome can put a severe strain on your budget. Fortunately, you have lots of options for trimming your potential expenses and getting [...]

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10 Essential Things Every RV Owner Needs for the Road

Having your own RV is a cost-effective way of enjoying travels and vacations with your whole family. Being able to see the world without leaving the reassuring warmth and comfort of your home can be a thrilling experience that even your furry friends can enjoy. For first-time campers, the perpetual dilemma is how to pack [...]

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5 Beautiful Places to Stay with your RV in California

California is a state that offers a little bit of everything. You have major metropolises and small towns; you have miles and miles of coastline as well as immense forests, lakes, and rivers; you have permanent summer or all four seasons and everywhere in between. It’s no wonder that the state is also home to [...]

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5 Helpful Tips for RVing with Your Dog

A road trip just isn’t a road trip if you are going it solo, which is why many choose to bring along a furry friend. But even if you do have other companions, chances are you will want to bring your dog along. After all, pets are family, and with an RV, there is no [...]

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10 Simple Ways to Keep Your RV or Motorhome Organized

You swing your legs over the bed, ready to get up in the morning. You tip-toe through your RV, trying not to wake the kids, but find an obstacle course awaiting you. You step over a pile of toys here, a pair of shoes there, and brush past a jacket on a chair. When you [...]

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Keep Your Brakes in Good Shape with these RV Mountain Driving Tips

On any vehicle, the braking system is incredibly important when it comes to function and safety, but the bigger the vehicle, the bigger the concern. And if you are driving it on windy roads up in the mountains, you can multiply that concern several times over. This is something every responsible RV driver knows. Does [...]

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12 Tips for Maintaining Your Diesel Motorhome or RV

If you’re lucky enough to own a diesel motorhome or RV, it’s likely you’re interested in ensuring that your vehicle lasts as long as possible. While diesel models are known for their longevity, this wonderful benefit is only achieved with proper maintenance. Here are some tips for keeping your motorhome or RV in top condition, [...]

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