Quality RV and Trailer Servicing and Repair for Anaheim Hills

In Anaheim Hills, turn to Farace’s Automotive for reliable services and repairs that keep your recreational vehicle or trailer in top working condition at all times. No one in Orange County can beat our proven track record for cost-effectiveness and all-inclusive expertise. From basic maintenance to renovations and advanced collision repair, we provide everything you need to maximize the fun of RV and trailer ownership.

RV Services and Repairs

General Servicing

Regardless of their size or age, all RVs must receive scheduled servicing in order to meet the rigors of the road. Essential areas of need include:

  •         Brake checks
  •         Engine tuning
  •         Fluid checks
  •         Suspension checks, and
  •         Wheel and tire checks

At Farace’s Automotive, we’re standing by with expert servicing designed to maintain your RV to roadworthy shape. In every case, we adapt our point-by-point approach to the specific needs of your vehicle’s make and model.

General Repairs

Recreational vehicles contain a larger number of vital systems than the typical car or passenger truck. Unfortunately, this means that RVs are relatively prone to various forms of breakdowns. In addition to engine problems, you may eventually have to deal with external issues such as mirror damage, windshield damage and minor panel or frame damage. When facing these issues, you must be able to count on the quality of the general repairs your vehicle receives.

Farace’s Automotive is your one-stop source for the best in general RV repairs. Over the decades, we’ve worked on older and newer vehicles from the full range of available manufacturers, including:

  •         Custom Coach
  •         Fleetwood
  •         Winnebago
  •         Coachmen
  •         Airstream
  •         Roadtrek
  •         Vulcan
  •         Suncrest, and
  •         Dynamax

With our extensive repair background, we can successfully address any issue affecting your RV’s engine or exterior appearance or function. We also have the deep expertise needed for top-quality RV upgrading and remodeling.

Collision Repairs

In addition to coping with increased risks for general damage, RV owners must cope with increased risks for collisions with stationary objects and other vehicles. If you’re lucky, a collision will only result in minor damage. However, in many cases, RV-related accidents lead to much more extensive structural and operational problems. To make a bad situation worse, owners of recreational vehicles often must also deal with various complications before they can take advantage of their insurance coverage and avoid making out-of-pocket payments for needed repairs.

At Farace’s, we combine expert collision repair services with expedited resolution of most insurance-related issues. On the repair side of things, we focus on timely, cost-effective solutions for problems such as:

  • Broken or damaged windows and skylights
  • Damaged roofs
  • Damaged fiberglass or aluminum body panels
  • Damaged structural elements
  • Damaged paint, and
  • Damaged interior structures and materials

On the insurance side, we rely on our longstanding relationships with industry titans such as GEICO, Progressive, State Farm, AAA, Allstate, Club Hartford, GMC and Farmers Insurance. We’re familiar with all common filing procedures, and whether you live in Orange County or are just passing through, we can help you significantly streamline the filing process.

Interior Repairs

Even in the absence of collision-related issues, your RV’s interior structures, materials and systems will likely develop substantial problems over time. The short list of potential issues includes:

  • Cabinet damage
  • Plumbing system malfunctions
  • Electrical system malfunctions
  • Upholstery damage
  • Carpeting damage, and
  • Appliance malfunctions

To a degree, you may be willing to accept these issues. However, at a certain point, they can interfere with your ability to enjoy your RV with any real degree of comfort or satisfaction.

Whether you’re facing limited or extensive problems with your RV interior, we’ll do everything possible to carry out a high-quality repair that restores proper function and appearance. In cases where the level of damage makes a simple repair impossible, we can also carry out replacement procedures that address your needs while keeping cost firmly in mind. Farace’s is also your trusted source for full-scale interior renovations.


Many RV buyers shop for pre-owned vehicles instead of bearing the full cost of purchasing a brand-new vehicle. This is potentially a very smart strategy. However, many of the RVs you’ll find for sale have unreported or hidden condition issues that can drastically increase your costs in the long run. Only someone who fully understands the range of possible problems can provide you with a reliable assessment of a recreational vehicle’s actual condition.

At Farace’s Automotive, we help take the stress out of buying pre-owned RVs by conducting truly comprehensive vehicle inspections. While performing our work, we cover every interior and exterior system in great detail. When we’re done, we submit a point-by-point report that leaves you fully informed about all potential areas of concern.

Trailer Repairs

For all practical purposes, a recreational trailer is an RV that relies on another vehicle for transport. Among other things, this means that trailer owners must cope with the same basic condition issues as RV owners. It also means that the experts at Farace’s conduct trailer repairs with the same exemplary level of skill we apply to RV repairs. In all cases, we pay special attention to axle and spring problems, bearing damage and other issues unique to trailers. Our expertise extends to all makes and models currently on the road.

Diesel Engine Servicing and Repairs

Diesel engines are fairly common in the RV world. Naturally, since they function on different technological principles, these engines develop issues not found in gasoline-powered engines. For almost 40 years, our core services have included full-spectrum servicing and repairs for diesel-powered RVs. You can also turn to Farace’s highly trained staff for top-quality work on the engines of light-duty diesel trucks.

Serving the City of Anaheim Hills

Anaheim Hills is a planned community situated entirely within the boundaries of the City of Anaheim. It consists of roughly six dozen distinctive neighborhoods, and the community as a whole ranks among the most affluent in all of Orange County. Although many of the area’s 55,000-plus residents view themselves as separate from Anaheim proper, they rely on the larger city for their utilities and services. Anaheim Hills is conveniently close to a number of the region’s most outstanding recreational and entertainment attractions, including Chino Hills State Park, Santiago Oaks Regional Park, Irvine Regional Park, Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

Farace’s Automotive is located south of Anaheim Hills in Huntington Beach. Since the 1970s, we’ve provided residents and travelers throughout the Orange County area with the region’s most complete range of RV- and trailer-related services and repairs. No matter the type or extent of the problems you’re facing, you’ll always receive top-notch services that meet the highest standards for quality and value. Call today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our extensive service options.

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