Fountain Valley’s Source for RV and Trailer Servicing and Repair

In Fountain Valley and neighboring Orange County communities, Farace’s Automotive sets the standard for RV and trailer services and repairs. Over 40 years of continuous operation, we’ve developed an unbeatable reputation for honesty, expertise and budget-conscious decision-making. Whatever the extent of the issues affecting your vehicle, we’ll help you maximize the fun and freedom of RV and trailer ownership.

RV Services and Repairs

RVs are large, sophisticated vehicles, and none of them can stay in top condition for long without some form of periodic servicing. Topics to address on a regular basis include:

  • The alignment of your vehicle’s wheels
  • Engine timing
  • The condition of the suspension system
  • The condition of the brakes
  • Fluid levels and condition

Farace’s Automotive is Fountain Valley’s verified resource for top-quality general RV servicing. Our expert staff can cover the needs of vehicles from any manufacturer or time.

General Repairs

In addition to a need for regular servicing, RV owners can expect an occasional need for minor repairs. Many of these repairs focus on external condition issues such as panel dents and dings, cracked windshields and cracked or broken mirrors. However, problems may also arise in the engine or other internal vehicle components. It might seem like any general mechanic could take care of these kinds of predicaments. However, only an experienced, RV-centric technician will be familiar with the needs of every potential vehicle make and model.

No one in Orange County can beat Farace’s broad experience with general RV repairs. Over the years, we’ve worked on vehicles from every conceivable manufacturer, including:

  • Dynamax
  • Vulcan
  • Airstream
  • Winnebago
  • Custom Coach
  • Fleetwood
  • Monaco
  • Roadtrek
  • Suncrest

Every customer receives the benefit of our extensive repair background. Our capabilities also include everything from limited vehicle upgrades to top-to-bottom remodeling work.

Collision Repairs

Experiencing an RV breakdown is quite different to experiencing it with a regular vehicle. First of all, you are likely to be in a strange city. Second of all, while you can go home from a breakdown in a normal vehicle, with an RV, both your home and your transportation are stuck in one, perhaps less-than-desirable, spot. In addition to breakdown repair, we can offer you repair for regular wear and tear on your vehicle. This can include damage to the paint, mirrors, windshield, and more.

When trying to get on the road once more, we know that the last thing you want to worry about is vetting a repair company to see if they can work with your particular RV. The Farace team can work with any RV, and in the past we have worked with many different makes, including:

  •         Airstream
  •         Winnebago
  •         Custom Coach
  •         Coachmen
  •         Vulcan
  •         Roadtrek
  •         Dynamax, and
  •         Fleetwood

We have the expertise needed to accurately diagnose and repair minor and major issues with your vehicle exterior. We can also tackle upgrades and remodels of your RV.

Collision Repairs

Due in part to their size and role as traveling vehicles, RVs have a relatively high rate of exposure to collision damage. Most owners only have to deal with the effects of minor impacts. However, RV accidents can also lead to significant damage to important systems and make a vehicle undrivable. In the aftermath of both types of collisions, owners often have to jump through several inconvenient hoops before they receive the coverage due to them through their insurance policies. If insurance payments aren’t available promptly, you may end up with considerable out-of-pocket expenses on your visit to a repair facility.

rv collision repair service fountain valley

Farace’s Automotive is your trusted expert for minor and major RV collision repair. Not only can we find efficient, affordable solutions for your vehicle’s damaged systems, structures, and cosmetic appearance. We also specialize in fast-tracking your vitally needed RV insurance. Whether you live in the area or you’re traveling through to other destinations, you can take full advantage of our deep familiarity with the filing procedures required by all prominent players in the insurance industry.

Interior Repairs

Whether or not you’re coping with the aftermath of a collision, your RV will likely experience interior malfunctions or failures over time. Some of the most common problems occur in the systems that provide electrical and plumbing services. You may also experience difficulties with other essential elements such as appliances, seat or bench upholstery, cabinets or carpets.

rv interior repair service fountain valley

You can potentially try to ignore internal issues unless they stop you from using your RV. However, as an alternative, you can call on the experts at Farace’s to resolve your problems at a reasonable price. Of course, we can also deal effectively with more substantial breakdowns and malfunctions in your vehicle’s interior. If your RV suffers from extensive damage, we may recommend a part or system replacement as a more sensible option than a limited repair. Farace’s can also wholly renovate your interior from any starting condition.


rv pre purchase inspection service fountain valley

Every day, RV buyers across the country take the economically sound step of buying a used vehicle instead of purchasing something new. However, such a decision only makes sense when you know the actual condition of your chosen RV before you hand over your hard-earned cash. Otherwise, your so-called savings can quickly disappear under a mountain of unexpected repair or replacement costs.

The staff at Farace’s Automotive includes RV inspection experts capable of performing comprehensive examinations of used vehicles. On the interior and exterior, we look for all possible condition issues and grade the results of our findings. We conclude with a detailed report that gives you confidence in making your final choice to buy or pass.

Trailer Repairs

rv trailer repair service fountain valley

Travel trailers and RVs resemble each other in a variety of ways. However, while RVs rely on their powertrains to travel down the road, trailers need to hitch a ride to get from place to place. Despite this difference, owners of each type of vehicle tend to encounter a range of similar exterior and interior problems. Farace’s provides trailer repair services that equal the quality of our RV repairs in every way. Our expertise includes trailer-specific issues not common to recreational vehicles.

Diesel Engine Repairs

Diesel engines are well-suited for transporting heavy vehicles over long distances. As a result, many RVs come equipped with diesel systems instead of gasoline-powered systems. The professionals at Farace’s have decades of experience working with these unique engines, and you can count on us to service and repair them with speed and efficiency. We’re also your go-to resource for diesel engines installed in light-duty trucks.

Serving the City of Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley is an Orange County municipality named for its high water table and abundance of artesian wells. Previous monikers for the same community include Gospel Swamps and Talbert. Fountain Valley serves primarily as a residential zone, and most of its adult inhabitants travel outside of the city limits for work. Despite this fact, the community has several major employers, including Hyundai Motor America and Kingston Technology. Visitors and residents can take advantage of Mile Square Regional Park, which sits entirely within Fountain Valley. They also enjoy easy access to some of Orange County’s most prominent waterfront destinations.

Farace’s Automotive is based right next door to Fountain Valley in Huntington Beach. For two generations, we’ve provided Orange County and travelers from across America with a full slate of reliable, affordable services and repairs for RVs and trailers. Whether you need regular maintenance or help with minor or major damage, our staff of seasoned technicians will help you keep your vehicle roadworthy at all times. Call today for more information or a scheduled appointment.