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RVs and travel trailers have special needs, ones that your average mechanic cannot attend to. But if you are in Anaheim, family-operated Farace Automotive can. We have established ourselves as the most reliable and most affordable RV and travel trailer service in Orange County. Our goal is to repair your vehicle quickly, professionally, and within your budget. No matter what help you need, our professional staff offers the services you can trust.

RV Services and Repairs

Why do you own an RV? In nearly all cases, the answer is to get out on the open road and see the country. Part of keeping your RV on the road is seeking out the services needed to keep it running well and the repairs needed when things go a little haywire. Below are some of the services and repairs we offer RV owners.

General Servicing

RVs of all types and ages require routine maintenance to stay in their best possible condition. While all vehicles require some maintenance, the size and complexity of RVs means they need a bit more. Some of the things that require regular attention on an RV include:

  •         Engine
  •         Brakes
  •         Suspension
  •         Wheels/tires, and
  •         Various fluids (e.g., engine oil, transmission fluid)

We can perform routine maintenance on any make and model of RV. With four decades of experience behind us, we have worked with more vehicles than we can count, and you can trust in our expertise.

General Repairs

Experiencing an RV breakdown is quite different to experiencing it with a regular vehicle. First of all, you are likely to be in a strange city. Second of all, while you can go home from a breakdown in a normal vehicle, with an RV, both your home and your transportation are stuck in one, perhaps less-than-desirable, spot. In addition to breakdown repair, we can offer you repair for regular wear and tear on your vehicle. This can include damage to the paint, mirrors, windshield, and more.

When trying to get on the road once more, we know that the last thing you want to worry about is vetting a repair company to see if they can work with your particular RV. The Farace team can work with any RV, and in the past we have worked with many different makes, including:

  •         Airstream
  •         Winnebago
  •         Custom Coach
  •         Coachmen
  •         Vulcan
  •         Roadtrek
  •         Dynamax, and
  •         Fleetwood

We have the expertise needed to accurately diagnose and repair minor and major issues with your vehicle exterior. We can also tackle upgrades and remodels of your RV.

Collision Repairs

Due to the size of RVs and the difficulty of maneuvering them, they are at a great risk of collision. Most accidents involving RVs result in minor damage, usually cosmetic in nature. However, more severe collisions can leave your vehicle inoperable. No matter how bad you think a collision is, it is important to have your vehicle looked over by a professional as soon as possible.

If your RV is salvageable, our team will have it on the road again and looking great, working with your insurance to cover as much of the cost as possible. We provide you with top-notch repair services that quickly address issues such as:

  •         Window/skylight damage
  •         Roof damage
  •         Fiberglass/aluminum damage
  •         Paint damage, and
  •         Interior damage affecting materials and/or the vehicle structure

As a well-established RV accessory and part provider, we have access to the items needed to repair and replace damaged components of your RV. If you need collision repair in Anaheim, there is no better company to rely on.

Interior Repairs

Because your RV is your home on wheels, the interior of your vehicle is vital to your comfort and the function of your RV. When compared to smaller vehicles, RVs have a lot of surface area in the interior, with many different fabrics and materials. As such, there is a lot that can be damaged, and finding the matches needed to repair or replace the interior items can be difficult.

Common interior repairs include:

  •         Plumbing systems
  •         Cabinets
  •         Appliances, and
  •         Electrical systems

RVs also typically have extensive carpeting and upholstery. While you can likely live with some problems for a short while, others require immediate attention. And even those that do not will need to be attended to eventually for your comfort.

Most interior repairs are simple, but not all are. However, no matter the repair needed, we work to make sure we offer it to you at an affordable price. In addition to our interior repair services, we can complete interior renovations.


For those who dream of RV ownership, the first step is often purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. However, as you would with any other vehicle, you need to have it inspected to be certain all is well. There are so many hidden issues that can be present in RVs, so you cannot simply drive the vehicle to know if it’s okay. This is a major purchase, and one that involves your safety; it is vital that you take every possible step to ensure it is safe.

Farace Automotive offers a ground-up inspection service that will see that you are fully informed about the condition of any RV you consider purchasing. We look at all potential problems, both interior and exterior, and then create a report for you. With this, you will be able to tell if it is a good purchase or not.

Trailer Repairs

Travel trailers are similar to RVs except they do not have their own power and steering source. Instead, they are pulled behind other vehicles. As such, many of the problems they encounter are similar to those found in RVs. Here at Farace Automotive, our expertise in travel trailers is equal to our expertise in RVs. In addition to addressing issues common in both types of vehicles, we focus on trailer-specific issues such as bearing damage and malfunctioning springs and axles. Training and experience allow us to work on models produced by any manufacturer.

Diesel Engine Repairs

Most RVs use diesel engines to power them. When it comes to repairing these engines, you need a mechanic with experience. Our team has long placed emphasis on working with diesel engines and we can work on any light-duty diesel truck, as well as any diesel-equipped RV.

Serving the City of Anaheim

Farace Automotive is located near Anaheim in the city of Huntington Beach. We have been the trusted source for RV repair, maintenance, and renovations for over 40 years in the Orange County area. We offer everything you need to keep your RV running well and looking great. Call today, or stop by our facilities at 18262 Gothard St.