The Source for RV and Trailer Services and Repair in Fullerton

In the City of Fullerton, Farace’s Automotive is your time-honored source for professional, budget-friendly assistance with all things RV- and trailer-related. Whether you’re on the road most days or only take the occasional weekend trip, you’ll find our courteous team of experts on hand with the region’s best services, repairs, and advice. Every day, we strive to maximize the fun and convenience of recreational vehicle ownership.

RV Services and Repairs

General Services

The average RV is both more extensive and more complicated than the typical car, SUV or passenger truck. Among other things, this means that recreational vehicles often require particular attention in the area of general servicing. Specific concerns to address during scheduled service include:

  •         The condition and function of the braking system
  •         The condition and function of the suspension system
  •         Engine function and timing
  •         Proper wheel alignment
  •         Adequate fluid levels
  •         Adequate fluid condition

Farace’s Automotive provides comprehensive general services for RVs of all vintages, makes and models. No matter what type of vehicle you drive in the Fullerton area, we can help you remain roadworthy 365 days a year.

General Repairs

Regular servicing is not the only item on the agenda of recreational vehicle owners. Inevitably, these vehicles also require at least some general repairs. Exterior issues that can lead to a repair pit stop include broken mirrors, cracked windshields and panel damage in the form of dings, dents or nicks. Interior problems that can put a general repair on your to-do list include engine malfunctions and electrical system malfunctions. While a journeyman mechanic might be able to tackle these issues on smaller, less complicated vehicles, only someone with an RV-related background can reliably target them in your recreational car or motorhome.

Farace’s is at the top of Orange County’s shortlist for top-quality RV general repairs. Our crew of seasoned mechanics has extensive experience working on vehicles from a vast range of small and large manufacturers, including:

  •         Monaco
  •         Custom Coach
  •         Winnebago
  •         Roadtrek
  •         Airstream
  •         Suncrest
  •         Vulcan
  •         Fleetwood
  •         Dynamax

Our comprehensive knowledge allows us to make just the right repair choices for the make and model of your RV. We use the same expertise to provide vehicle upgrades and extensive remodeling work.

Collision Repairs

Like other large vehicles that spend a lot of time on the road, RVs are susceptible to accidents and collision damage. In the majority of cases, such accidents only lead to minor problems. However, every year, RVs across the country sustain extensive collision damage that leaves them unsafe to drive, or impossible to drive at all. And whether attempting to address minor or significant problems, owners of these vehicles may find themselves faced with delays in insurance payments that force them to cover the upfront costs of repair.

rv collision repair service fullerton

Farace’s Automotive is Fullerton’s full-service resource for the swift repair of all kinds of RV collision damage. Each customer who walks through our doors receives the benefit of our targeted, efficient process for correcting cosmetic and structural problems. In addition, all customers receive the benefit of our extensive experience navigating the requirements of RV insurance coverage. With our help, you’ll find it much easier to get your vehicle up and running while avoiding unnecessary out-of-pocket costs.

Interior Repairs

Whether they result from collisions or everyday wear and tear, internal issues are also a familiar problem for RV owners. That’s true, in large part, because the average recreational vehicle comes equipped with more internal structures and systems than the average car, passenger truck or SUV. Specific problems that appear on many interior repair lists include damaged or worn upholstery, worn carpet, plumbing system malfunctions, electrical system malfunctions and damaged cabinets and appliances.

rv interior repair service fullerton

Many RV owners try to put up with internal condition issues as long as they can travel from point A to point B. However, even small problems can lead to inconveniences that severely reduce your ability to enjoy your leisure time. Rather than dealing with this kind of disruption, you can turn your vehicle over to the affordable experts at Farace’s. Our staff of interior specialists can swiftly repair all correctable problems. In addition, we can point out larger concerns that may be better to address through a system or part replacement. And if you’re looking to renovate your vehicle’s interior, we can complete every phase of the required work.


To make RV ownership affordable, many buyers consider purchasing a used vehicle instead of a new model straight from the showroom, which can be a sound economic decision. However, it can also lead to disaster unless you know in advance that the RV you plan to buy meets your standards for trouble-free operation. In fact, many unfortunate buyers spend years coping with the financial fallout of unexpected repairs and replacements following their initial purchase.

rv pre purchase inspection service fullerton

You can avoid this nightmare scenario by turning to Farace’s Automotive for point-by-point inspection of any RV you plan to buy. Our in-house inspectors go over every aspect of the vehicle interior and exterior, checking for problems that could drain your wallet later down the line. When we finish, we issue a clear, thorough report that will help you make your buying choices from an informed position.

Trailer Repairs

rv trailer repair service fullerton

Farace’s also specializes in the repair of travel trailers. These hitch-on vehicles come equipped with many of the same systems as RVs. However, they also have unique features not shared by their powered counterparts. At Farace’s, we treat trailer repairs with the same dedication and seriousness as RV repairs. No matter the issue you’re facing, we’ll find the appropriate option for its prompt resolution.

Diesel Engine Repairs

Like tractor trailers, recreational vehicles often rely on diesel engines to carry them down the road. For this reason, Farace’s Automotive has long made efficient; affordable diesel engine repairs a company priority. In addition to working on engines installed in RVs, we work on the engines found in many light-duty trucks.

Serving the City of Fullerton

Situated in Orange County near the border of neighboring Los Angeles County, Fullerton is a city of almost 140,000 renowned for its reputation as Southern California’s “Education Community.” Local institutions that contribute to this reputation include Fullerton College, Western State College of Law and Cal State Fullerton. Area residents and visitors can also take advantage of other prominent arts and culture resources, including the Sunny Hills Performing Arts Center, Fullerton Museum Center, Fullerton Arboretum, and the Muckenthaler Cultural Center. In addition, the city’s location provides easy access to the region’s many beaches, recreational opportunities, and amusement parks.

Farace’s Automotive is in Huntington Beach, almost due south of Fullerton. Forty-plus years of cumulative knowhow make us Orange County’s trusted provider for all manner of RV- and trailer-related services, repairs and replacements. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor just passing through the area, you can count on us for expert work at a reasonable price. For more information, call us today.