Irvine’s Source for RV and Trailer Servicing and Repair

When you need RV- or trailer-related services in the City of Irvine, call on the local experts at family owned and operated Farace’s Automotive. Every day, we seek to maximize the convenience of recreational vehicle ownership, even when you face such hardships as accidents and system breakdowns. From basic servicing to repairs and renovations, we’ll handle all the work necessary to get your prized vehicle back out on the open road.

RV Services and Repairs

General Servicing

Whether new or vintage, all RVs need regular amounts of TLC to stay in roadworthy condition. Specific areas of concern include:

  •         Engine tune-ups
  •         Brake servicing
  •         Replacement of vital fluids such as oil and lubricants
  •         Suspension servicing, and
  •         Wheel alignments

At Farace’s Automotive, you’ll find the expert assistance you need to keep your recreational vehicle going strong. Our vast experience makes it easy for us to work on all makes and models.

General Repairs

Breakdowns are unfortunately a fact of life for RVs and other vehicles. Over time, your recreational vehicle may also develop a range of exterior issues, including such things as broken windshields, damaged mirrors and minor structural damage. When such mishaps occur, you want to know that you can find knowledgeable mechanics and repair specialists who know how to work on your specific vehicle.

Farace’s Automotive has decades of experience working on RVs from a vast assortment of manufacturers, including:

  •         Winnebago
  •         Coachmen
  •         Airstream
  •         Fleetwood
  •         Roadtrek
  •         Custom Coach
  •         Dynamax
  •         Suncrest
  •         Monaco, and
  •         Vulcan

We rely on this deep resource of knowledge to devise an appropriate repair for any engine-related or exterior issue. In addition, we have the skill required to upgrade or remodel your RV from the ground up.

Collision Repairs

As sizable, road-faring vehicles, RVs see more than their fair share of minor and major collisions. The results of these accidents can range in severity from purely cosmetic to completely disabling. And if you get involved in a wreck, you often face the added burden of working effectively with your insurance carrier in order to fulfill the terms of your coverage.

We work hard to take the stress and worry out of all manner of collision repairs. First, we provide you with quick, expert services that address issues such as:

  •         Aluminum or fiberglass damage
  •         Skylight or window damage
  •         Roof damage
  •         Paint damage, and
  •         Damage to various interior structures and materials

Our status as an RV part and accessory provider greatly simplifies the process and helps ensure that you receive the replacement items you need in a timely manner. No work begins until you approve our detailed estimate.

We also make it easy to meet the requirements of your insurance carrier. That’s because we work with all the major names in the industry, including Allstate, State Farm, GEICO, Progressive, Farmers Insurance, GMC, Club Hartford, AAA, Travelers and American USAA. Whether you’re an Orange County resident or just passing through, we’ll help you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Interior Repairs

Over time, numerous structures and systems in RV interiors can break, malfunction or otherwise stop working normally. The list of potential problem areas includes:

  •         Cabinets
  •         Electrical systems
  •         Appliances
  •         Plumbing systems
  •         Carpets, and
  •         Upholstery

Unless something goes catastrophically wrong, you may feel tempted to put up with what seem like minor inconveniences. However, you can also turn to Farace’s Automotive for affordable, efficient interior services. In many cases, we can restore the working condition of damaged items and systems through a repair. However, in other cases, it may make more sense to opt for some form of replacement. In addition, we can carry out complete renovations that restore all aspects of your RVs interior to top-notch shape.


If you’re considering the purchase of a pre-owned RV, you face even more potential pitfalls that the typical buyer of a used car or truck. Unless, you can get a reliable, third-party report on the condition of various internal and external systems, you could easily end up spending your hard-earned money on a vehicle that just won’t hold up to any sort of regular use.

At Farace’s Automotive, we specialize in ground-up RV inspections that assess every aspect of the vehicle you’re thinking of purchasing. We cover both interior and exterior issues with equal attention to detail. When we’re finished, we furnish you with an extremely detailed report that lets you know exactly what to expect in terms of future repair and maintenance costs.

Trailer Repairs

For the sake of convenience, you can think of trailers as RVs that require a separate source of transport to get down the road. This means that many of the interior and exterior issues that affect RVs also affect trailers. We provide the same level of care and attention for trailer repair as we provide for recreational vehicles. In addition, we place a special emphasis on the repair of problems unique to towed trailers, including spring and axle malfunctions, bearing malfunctions and brake-related issues. As with RVs, our services cover virtually every make and model traveling on America’s highways and byways.

Diesel Engine Repairs

A significant number of RVs and motor homes run on diesel fuel instead of gasoline. With this fact in mind, Farace’s Automotive places a focus on the servicing and repair of diesel-powered models. For nearly 40 years of operation, we’ve developed a high degree of expertise in this area. That’s why, in addition to RVs and motorhomes, our master technicians can service and repair any make and model of light duty diesel truck.

Serving the City of Irvine

With more than 250,000 residents, Irvine ranks as the third largest city in all of Orange County. Unlike most municipalities its size, it began as a planned community, and still retains a village-based network of neighborhoods. In addition to serving as home to the University of California at Irvine, the city boasts landmarks and attractions such as Heritage Park, the Ayn Rand Institute and the under-development Orange County Great Park.

Farace’s Automotive is based just southwest of Irvine in Huntington Beach. For four decades, we’ve provided local residents, greater Orange County and traveling RV enthusiasts from across the country with the best service in the business at a reasonable price. Whether you need basic maintenance, an urgent repair or comprehensive renovation or remodeling, you’ll find us standing by with expert assistance and advice in a friendly, family-focused atmosphere. Call today and you’ll see why two generations of clients rely on Farace’s.